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Lawns By Les, LLC
ROC# 224736

Enhancing Arizona Landscape since 1982    

Having been in business since 1982, Les has developed a strong sense of the industry, as well as the plants and materials. Along with the longevity of his experience, Les's partnership with many extraordinary clients has broadened his exposure and enhanced his skills. These qualities, coupled with Les's eye for design, organizing skills and position in the industry, promise to give you the highest level of quality assistance. How we can help you

Residential & Commercial
  • Assist in determining landscape needs
  • Choose proper plants, trees & materials
  • Meet with your architect and/or installer
  • Oversee all work and assist in scheduling

  • Meet with landscape committee and/or board
  • Walk through property to identify needs/concerns
  • Assist in understanding landscaping prioritizing
  • Specializing in landscape contract review

  • Assist in presentation to HOA boards or other clients
  • Assist in putting together bid package

  » Residential
  » Commercial
  » HOA
  » Landscapers
Specializing in:
  » Site Project Management
  » Landscape options
  » Property needs
  » Bid presentation
  Let's get started!
(623) 535-3740   

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